Hated! Betrayed! Hunted! If your people were taken from you, what would you do to regain them? 



Descendants of Africa 

South Africa's First Afro manga 

Volume 1 & 2 E-book



Long ago, men were born who could do the impossible. Some were made weapons, some were feared, all were scorned and made desperate. Wars were fought, monsters were birthed and demons reigned down on the earth. But eventually, after centuries of abuse, those seen as monsters and demons escaped the poisonous shackles of their former clans and kingdoms, creating their own people, The Siri Watu.

For a moment, they lived like their ancestors never could: outside of the will of evil men. But man is a fickle beast, for the gifts that made the Siri Watu their monsters were the same gifts the old world feared and the new world despised. And so, when man sent fury and army, the Siri Watu chose to vanish in exile and disappear into chasms of secrecy, becoming myths of history. 

Some were found, bloodlines were ended, but the diaspora had hope, for there were whispers amongst the few that remained that their very own descendants would unite them in rebirth again.


We enter the world of the Siri Watu through Dialo, Ayanda, Senzo and Zita, four young Siri Watu unaware of their heritage. Called by the worlds beyond to inherit a legacy, they must learn who they are by a destructively-quirky old man bent on turning them into the descendants he believes them to be. They are those who are whispered about, the Yaa Akan, and they are those whose bloodline the Iraksa hunger to end.

Siri Watu is inspired by the real life myth and folklore of the Lost City of the Kalahari and the Great Zimbabwe, of African people that even history books have lost knowledge of through the ages.



Yaa Akan (Core Characters)

A group of Siri Watu who inherit at birth a supernatural relationship with the Realms of Al-Djinn that the other Siri Watu do not have. 

They are seen highly amongst the living Siri Watu,  who view them as those prophesized to herald in a new age for the fallen Empire. 


The Iraksa

There is very little known about the Iraksa, their existence is more secretive than the Siri Watu.

What is known is that they played an important role in the end of the Great Watu wa Siri Empire. 

Now they hunt the remaining hidden Siri Watu, namely the last of the Yaa Asante, the Yaa Akan.


The Broken Sisters

A group of women who pay little credence to the prophecy of the Yaa Akan and the secret hunt of the Iraksa.

Instead they choose their own path forward as Watu wa Siri. Whilst they are not foes to the Siri Watu, 

 they often go against laws of the Siri Watu diaspora and, in so doing risk exposing the existence of all Siri Watu



Camp Tshukudu

Throughout the world are hidden villages, towns and camps of gathered Siri Watu. 

In South Africa, exists an encampment hidden in plain sight as a heritage and conservation camp, known as Camp Tshukudu. 

The site was chosen because the Xo! Ecoma, the Cosmic Blood Mother (A Celestial), rests at its centre.